Where should you position a patio in your home?

Once you decide that your property will benefit from a professionally designed and installed patio, one of the most critical factors in determining the design and features will be the patio’s location within your garden space. Available sunlight typically plays a crucial role in deciding where patios are best positioned, but there are also three other primary considerations that we’ll explain below.

How do you intend to use your patio in St Albans?

How you intend to use your patio will significantly bear where you will locate it in your garden. Patios designed for al fresco dining won’t be impaired from being shaded. However, if you’re looking for a patio that can help boost your summer tan, then aim for the areas that get the most sunlight.

Where will your patio create the best view and look?

Patios are generally located immediately outside the back door as this is where they can be most convenient and practical. That said, if you have a large garden, you might consider multiple patios for different uses, or you might prefer the view from the end of your garden. If you situate a patio away from the house, try to blend it in with plants and flower beds for a more appealing look.

Do you want to position your patio somewhere private?

If your garden design allows you to locate a patio in a secluded area, this is something you might consider. If not, tall plants or garden screening provide plenty of options to deliver to privacy you need.

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