Fantastic methods for making patios seem bigger

With winter set to give way to a delightful Dunstable spring soon, it’s a good time to look at how you can make the most of your patio in the warmer seasons and methods for making it appear larger than it is if it’s on the small side. No matter how small your outdoor space is, we have a few tips to share with you to help enhance a patio in any location.

Utilise vertical space

The only way to go for patios with short and narrow dimensions is up. Use hanging plants to create a canopy and produce a sense of space and airiness that will not only add colour to your garden but much-needed depth. If your patio has a feature wall, you can decorate this with accessories to avoid using much-needed floor space. If you don’t have a brick wall handy, you can use a wooden trellis to move ornaments from the floor and add texture to your patio while improving your privacy.

Use a tiered approach

In keeping with the vertical theme, using a tiered approach to planting flowers and plants is a fantastic method for generating the illusion of space. Stacked terracotta planters are ideal for any plants and deliver a burst of colour to patios.

Make use of existing structures

Suppose your small patio space has existing structures such as a shed or brick outhouse. In that case, you can use these features for displaying knick-knacks, accessories or plants that leave the floor uncluttered but develop a lovely focal point to improve the overall aesthetic.

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