Ideas for creating stylish driveways


There isn’t anything wrong with creating simplistic driveways in Harpenden that meet a practical purpose and durability to deal with a heavy footfall. Still, if you are looking for serious kerb appeal, you need to use some flair and imagination. In this article, we’ll provide a few pointers on how you can make your driveway in Harpenden stand out.

Combine different kinds of materials

If you have a particularly wide or long driveway, then a single material finish can suffer the risk of looking monotonous. By mixing materials such as gravel and tarmac, you can help break the blandness of a one-dimensional appearance. Using stone pavers as an edging material with gravel, tarmac, or resin driveways achieve a compelling and distinctive look.

Create interesting lines

If you’re lucky enough to have ample space to design a new driveway, you can accommodate a lot more features into your design. Curved edges or half-moon shapes create more exciting lines, while a winding path can enhance the overall finish.

Incorporate specialised lighting

Lighting on driveways has a dual purpose: primarily, motion lighting acts as a practical security feature, while driveway spotlights can be used to highlight flowerbeds, trees or pathways. You can utilise bollard lights to increase the landscaping features or lights embedded in the driveway for a sophisticated look.